A tale by French author Jean Giono, “The man who planted trees” (published 1953),  features a shepherd that methodically plants trees in a desolate valley in the upper Provence – and ultimately changes a desert into a lively and green forest.

My pseudonym is Sergio Arbarviro (“Arbarviro” means “man of the forest” in the international language Esperanto). Like this (unfortunately fictitious) shepherd, I imagine and design ideas and policy proposals for a desirable and sustainable future, in the European Union and beyond. I have a preference for long-term, broad-scale issues. Social justice and environmental sustainability are the two main objectives that, in my views, deserve being sought in policy-making. I believe that trans-national democracy is the only institutional framework where such policies should be discussed and implemented.

I am the designer of the KuneAgi deliberative on-line democracy software, and a founding member of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, where I invite all interested people to democratically discuss, amend and potentially also oppose these ideas and policy proposals. My competences are originally those of an engineer  – but I have been making incursions, for quite some time now, into several other fields, such as economics, politics, psychology, social sciences and history.